Disinheriting People From Your Will: What You Need to Know

Estate planning is an important part of life for everyone. It is crucial that you have your financial house in order before you pass away so that everything is handled as per your wishes. One major thing to consider is who will receive an inheritance upon your death. When making your will, you can include those to whom you wish to leave money or property.

Two Types of People Who May Benefit From a Living Trust

A living trust is very different than a will. It is not for everyone, but you may want to consider it if you fit into one of these two categories.

Living Trusts in California: Frequently Asked Questions

It's important to protect your assets and loved ones from unnecessary heartaches and costs after you're gone. Read on about the benefits of living trusts.

Protect Your Family By Securing Your Assets - Avoiding Mistakes In Estate Planning

Facing your own mortality can be difficult, which is why it's best to work with a lawyer. Reach out to the Law Offices Of Steve C Benton today!

5 Essentials You Need to Understand About Estate Taxes

Proper estate planning is critical. First, however, you may want to understand a few basics about estate taxes. Here's what you need to consider.

The Importance of Estate Planning

Too many people neglect estate planning, so that when the time comes, children and family members must face the unpleasant task of determining who will get all of the things you spent your life accumulating. Many people assume that estate planning is only for the wealthy, but the truth is that even if your home isn’t expensive and you don’t have large investments, there are good reasons to consider making plans for your future.