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Has a loved one recently passed? Steve C. Benton can help you with all the necessary steps needed to complete the process of sorting your loved one's will. Are you having trouble clearing title to real property? We can assist in clearing title to transfer title to your name or to facilitate sale. We have assisted in such matters on many occasions. Are you facing trust litigation matters? With 30-plus years before the probate court, we are prepared to vigorously represent your interest in court. Are you confused about tax consequences? With 30-plus years of tax law experience on your side, tax matters will be less confusing. Probate administration is a complex task with many legal requirements. Steve C. Benton has been a practicing probate attorney in Sacramento for more than 30 years. Our legal team has extensive knowledge of the laws surrounding probate and, should we take on your case, can help you fulfill your duties as the executor of a will. We always use compassion and patience when answering your questions about your case. Together, we can ensure you do not miss any vital paperwork or deadlines. Our goal is to get you through the process of estate administration legally but also as quickly as possible.
 Transfer Of Inheritance — Trust & Will in Sacramento, CA

Working Through the Administration Process

Probate administration typically involves several tasks. In addition to determining the location of the deceased's heirs and taking possession of property, they will be responsible for filing tax returns and an inventory of assets with probate court, determining the validity of any claims they receive against the estate, distributing assets, and accounting for all receipts and disbursements. We can walk you through each step to ease your mind and ensure there are no mistakes. Should someone have a valid claim against the estate, we also represent your case in court. If you pass away before creating your own will, estate administration is left up to the courts, which means your assets may not end up in the hands you want them to. Instead of fearing such a mishap, allow us to provide estate planning services. We'll consult with you to determine what you own and how you would like to distribute it among family members and friends upon your death. Your will can also contain information about who will take guardianship of minor children and pets if it is necessary.

Helping You Achieve Peace of Mind

Allow Steve C. Benton to assist you with handling probate court or creating a living trust. Contact us at 916-256-2141 for more information. We serve all of Sacramento.