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If you want to structure your heirs' inheritance, a trust lawyer can help, and Steve C. Benton, knows how to get all your assets in order. We can help you manage your assets by placing property into trusts for purposes such as reducing estate taxes, avoiding probate, and dictating how heirs get assets. Call today for an appointment or more information! Did you know that a person who passes away without a will leaves it up to the court to decide how the estate is handled? For this reason, it is very important to ensure you have your affairs in order. Steve C. Benton is an experienced estate planning lawyer in Sacramento. Our team has helped many clients create an estate plan that accounts for land, personal property, and monetary assets in the event of death. Should we assist you, we will work together to reach important goals, including minimizing estate taxes and federal gift taxes. We can also appoint someone as your power of attorney. That person would then be responsible for handling your estate upon your death. Each of these tasks helps to ensure a smooth transfer of property and assets so that your family will have less to worry about during the grieving process.
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Understand the Difference Between Wills & Trusts

Wills and trusts are the two most common methods of dividing assets, and each has its own advantages. Wills determine who will receive your property upon your death and nominate guardians of any minor children. Trusts are legal agreements deciding who manages property and assets for another person and can be set up as a living trust while you're alive or go into effect upon your death. They avoid probate and the cost associated with probate.
They are often used to provide support for children, spouses, or parents who are disabled or otherwise unable to care for themselves financially. As your lawyer, we can assist you in deciding which one best fits your needs and ensuring either one is properly drafted.

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